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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sharknado! Enough Said! That's what we think too! It's all in the name! A must or a hilarious bust? YOU decide!

Here at the PINKFROG love to watch movies, TV shows and just about anything either on TV or on the web that grabs our attention and recently one has grabbed our attention to the point tha we needed to weigh in and talk about it :) 

"Have you heard?" 
"Did you read that tweet?" 
"It's all over the news!"
Well it's the highly talked about made for TV film "SHARKNADO" that is! 

Take one part Shark, add a splash of 90's movies and film actors, mix in massive amounts of water and wind also known as a huge massive tornado and a dash of drama, shake it all up and you have? The highly talked about and now trending "SHARKNADO!"
Best known for his "90210" Beverly Hills teen drama Ian Ziering plays the main character in this shark flick! And who is that blonde in the back ? It's "American Pie's" cutie pie Tara Reid! 
We here feel like the 90's fantastically horrible movies are back! But what makes this flick worth watching? Why is it talked about, popular and what is it that is pulling viewers in by the seconds to look it up online, watch trailers and want to see it (if missed or even not) again? 

Could it be that this could actually happen in real life? Could sharks get pulled from the depths of the ocean and be swept in a whirlwind if a tornado, be thrown into the city (or small town) and terrorize and kill people? We say "nah" but you never know!!!
Could real life animals (deadly ones at that) swim in pools of settled waters in shopping malls and on land...slowly moving around till they find their prey ready to attack? Sure why not! Flying sharks in the air landing on people killing them? Maybe! They are big enough to really hurt a person if they land hard on them. How about if they had their mouth open? Possibly! But it would need to be one pretty huge shark with great eye sight and flying form! 
All we know is that either way this is a must see made for TV flick! It costs you nothing to watch it and hey if you don't like it just flip the channel! 
"SHARKNADO" will re-air on the Syfy. Please check your local listings for date and time. 
So grab your popcorn and chainsaw and get ready to see this highly talked about "SHARKNADO"

WE WOULD LOVE TO HERE WHAT YOU THINK! Write in your comments below! :) 

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