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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The name game! Where our name came from!

I'm going to throw it back Thursday with a fun fact about the name PINK frog 4 U ... Not many know why I picked this name... To start for obvious reasons I like pink, pretty simple right? So let's move on to the base of it all which is the frog part. Not many know that as a kid I was teased daily about my huge eyes. The kids were not so nice to me and called me frog girl, frog eyes etc... I looked like I had huge froggie eyes! But I like frogs, as much as it hurt me as a kid to be teased for something I couldn't change, alter or hide I became to love frogs. And lastly the "4 U" part is actually for YOU... I'm rather generous to people, I like to give things away when I make them, I like making things and I have yet to make something for myself... Which I probably won't do because I like making things for others, making them happy and smile by something I put my hard work into. So now you know where the name PINK frog 4U came from :) again not many know this... But it just isn't some random sugar coated actually has meaning to me. What I like, what my past was like, and what I like to do for others. 

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