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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New cards are in! They are super sweet!

Finally my business cards are here! A good change from the old ones I had! Nice, clean, and crisp! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

In the name of the moon it is INVENTORY time!

In the name of the moon and my many scarves ... It's inventory time! Yup I am using the moon septor rod pen pointer... The only one I could find and buy at a price that just ridiculous! But I'm going to use it because what fun is it to just look at it 😊👍 the scouts never just looked at their transformation pens...they used them! 💕 and I'm using my hello kitty small note book (but you can't see her she is on the cover only 😔) 

Tutorial on how to take the "must"
OUT of fiber arts crafts and art work SOON TO COME! 

Jump on over to my other blog for more information about the Sailor Moon pointer pens!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to hang your Sailor Moon GashaPon swing keychains DIY

Here is a fun DIY project for you! 
I wanted to figure out a way to hang the Sailor Moon GashaPon keychain swing set my very good friend had sent me as a gift. I have seen so many tutorials on glass-less frames and the many things you can do with them. So I decided I will display my set like that! 

Here's what you will need : 
- a picture frame to fit your set or as many as you want to hang (mine is a 5 by 7 frame) 
- scrapbook paper (the thicker the better! Thin ones will pull and your set won't have enough strength to hang on it) 
- an x-acto knife or any object to make a slits 
-twist ties or metal wire

First you take out the glass in the frame and trace it on your scrapbook paper to get the exact measurement. 

Next place your paper inside and make sure it is snug enough to push forward when you close the frame in the back or else it will be loose. More card bords and extra paper can be used to help add a thicker backing to the inside of the frame.
Place your set where you want them on the frame. Do you want them lined up? All around? And draw the place above the keychain and below the keychain closure so you know where to thread your wire. 

Last cut the slits (as tiny as you can) on the lines you drew and thread your wire through. Hold the keychain with your hand as you do this to each one so the keychain will be snug on the paper and twist the wire closed. Place your backing to the frame back and you are done! 
Now you can enjoy your keychain set like a piece of artwork! Set it on your desk or hang it on your wall like I did. 

If you are going to throw the glass of the frame out be careful and wrap it up well in newspaper before you throw it out in the garbage so no one will get hurt. Or you can even find another DIY project for it! 

Hope you enjoyed this quick DIY! We will have more to come! Stay tuned and don't forget to visit our shop at !

The Pinkfrog 

Monday, May 5, 2014

More Sailor Moon goodies to come!

Get ready for Sailor Moon circle pouches! Designs are the moon princess silluette with a bow accented with her Star brooch in the middle, The first brooch Sailor Moon receives from Luna which is her moon transfosmrtion brooch and the last design is a continuous print of the sailor scout symbols. Each pouch is accented with a star and has a zipper closure. These items will usually be sold as a set of 3 and be released in August/September 2014.