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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Avon pin & Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb staff Key, art imitating life or life imitating art?

The best thing is when you find something in a cartoon, anime, any show or movie you see and are able to buy that exact same thing. You feel even more apart of the show/movie and this is why merchandise that are in the forms of products seen on these shows and movies that get sold in stores are so popular. 

Sometimes movies and TV shows look to designers for inspiration or just sometimes it is the other way around. 

An unofficial book was 
 published shows the show and how reality are combined in statues and places. This book is called :

Princess Serenity's dress, Sailor Pluto's Manga outfit, Wicked Lady manga/anime outfit pose and in Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb staff key.. You can see a small  touch the signs of art imitating life and life imitating art. 

(All photos from the web google search and my own : Naoko Takeuchi, Avon, Yves saint Laurent, Chanel, Palladio) 

A no good very bad store!

I always enjoy giving shops a shout out for great products but this is my first negative one. 
A site that I ordered on called "Miss A"
Sells items at $1.00 USA dollar each. Who would say no to anything that is only a DOLLAR!!?  

I purchased some items for myself and for my family and sadly if I did not read the tags on the items someone would have been hurt. 
The items in which I purchased were 2 bracelets and a necklace. 
The bracelet on the site looks beautiful and that sold me to buy it. Sadly that is not what I got. The bracelet had glued on by hot glue leaves with stones missing. But again I purchased it for $1.00 USA dollar. 

As you can see .. The glue is very noticeable. 

The reason why I did not take the bracket out of the package is because on the tag it had a HUGE warning sign! 
The tag basically says that this product contains a chemical that is known to the state of Califonia to cause harm and births defects or other reproductive harm!

In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM was I going to touch that item any longer nor give any of these items to my family. On the website it DID NOT say anything of the such and they do NOT give refunds. I did not want to hold the items any longer in my hands and gladly I threw it ALL OUT IN THE TRASH CAN and along with the shipping cost which was more than a dollar. 


This store which is called "Miss A" 
Clearly gets an "F"  for harmful items being sold. 

(All photos taken by me & all items purchased by me) 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sailor Moon cell phone decals, and cute items with Its' Demo

Announced offically on the Sailor Moon offical website that MORE items and collaborations are to come! 
Recent reveals are more iphone decals and metal stickers as well as a cute collaboration with "its' Demo" 
Check out the pics below! 

(Photos: official sailor moon website) 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wishing a Happy Father's Day to our followers!

More information about the Sailor Moon super cute plushes to be relased mid-July!

The designer of the keychain pluses has given further details via her Instagram account that the luna pen will be a lipstick holder not just a regular plush item! This is a perfect set that will be released mid-July and it is very possible to order them online! 

Without a lipstick in it..
With a lipstick in it ...
Stunning details !

Here is a better look at the plush doll! 
Sailor moons hair has a nice fuzzy feel to it! How super cute does she look!!!
By the look of the items around her she looks like she will be a miniature plush!

(Photos : p.bandi and designer instagram) 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New scarves are in the shop!!!!

We have been working away to make fun yummy scarves to add to the shop! Check out ones that have just been listed in our storenvy shop! 
Get yours before they sell out!!

See more details at the shop! 

Smell like the princess of the moon! More Sailor Moon perfume information !

This fragrance is designed for adults, and features a blend of fruity florals and earthy tones.

The eau de toilette has top notes of bergamot, lemon, green apple and peach, mellowing out to hints of rose, peony and jasmine, followed by musk, sandalwood, amber and vanilla undertones.

Available from Bandai for (US$52.65) for pre-orders ! 

Check out the pictures below ! 
(All pictures from pbandi) 

Sailor Moon More plushes to be out soon!

Just announced last night on the official Sailor Moon website that mini mini plushes of the Sailor scouts will be out!
The recent plushes are mini but these are even smaller ? Are they bigger? Price? Unknown but I'm sure it will be worth it! 
Check out the picture below! 

(Picture from the Official Sailor Moon website)  

More Sailor Moon goodies to come!

Just announced on the offical Sailor Moon site that more goodies are to come for July! 
Get ready for :
A moon compact keychain pouch
A soft luna pen keychain
And a soft bow keychain with Sailor Moons first compact on it! 
The details are beautiful! 

Pictures below!

(All pics from offical sailor moon site) 

Friday, June 13, 2014

The squishes are in! The squishes are in!

Get your yummy delicious and calorie free mini donut squishy before they sell out! Jump into our storenvy shop to get yours today! 

Smell like Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon perfume!

Now you can smell like the one and only SAILOR MOON! Newly announced miracle romance perfume will be out ! Check out the bottle below! It will smell like roses and citrus! Price will be 70 USA dollars and up depending on who will sell it. 

(Photos : P.bandi) 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let's take a deeper look into Sailor Moon Crystal!

After the new trailer came out today it's time to take a look at the similarities and the differences! This trailer has shown us the way things will go in the new anime! 
Some might like it! 
Some may not! 
But let's jump in and see if we can find some extra clues that this trailer has shown! 
First we hear that the music might have changed! The trailer plays a song that is more of a song you hear in a video game. The original opening song does not seem it will be included in this anime version. 

To start let's look at Usagi herself! 
She has changed! Matured and her facial reactions have been taken down a notch.. It does not seem like we will have a comical over exaggerated reaction on her face of her falling, laughing, and so on... She now has a very mature look and reaction. A reaction that is more similar to real life expressions. Her room as well looks like it has changed up a bit! We get a fast glimpse of it in the trailer. This scene also looks like it is the first episode where Luna gives Usagi her transformation  compact brooch in which she transforms for the first time with a huge shock look o her face! 
Usagi as well has more of the manga look to her sailor scout outfit than from the old anime. 
Her brooch is the one from the manga not the original anime. Usagi and the rest of the girls have bodies of that from the manga version than the original anime. Skinner and with long limbs. 
The sailor scout outfits have changed as well a bit... 
Sailor mercury has no sleeves, sailor Venus has a belt which are also in the manga version as well. Sailor mars and sailor jupiter are  unchanged. 
The girls uniforms seem a bit different as well... Any has huge sweater like sleeves...other than that nothing else has changed in the version of this school uniforms. 
Last but never least... Let's look at LUNA! She is Unchanged as well! BUT she looks more black than purple (deeper toned)  like in the anime. Sailor moon still had her signature "in the name of the moon I'll punish you" pose and facial expression. 
Long flowing hair? 
Moon tiara ? 
Signature red bow? 
Ready for the new anime to begin? 

What we have not seen which is still a mystery... Is...
What does Tuxedo mask look like?
How about Artemis?
Will the cats change into humans at some point? 
Will all the wands be in the show? 
What will the old villains look like? 
Will the characters that were changed into women be men in the show (zoisite and fisheye) ? 
What will usagi's parents and brother look and act like? 
Will they show that sailor moon used a sword to be with tuxedo mask?
Will sailor V be shown and the story behind her? 
Will sailor Venus carry a sword and lead the scouts like it is in the manga? 
Will the outer scouts and sailor stars be as fantastic as they were in the original anime? 
Time will tell! 
Stay tuned moonies for more information to be revealed! 

Sailor moon crystal trailer out NOW!

Get your cresent moon wands ready and hold on to your bows! Sailor Moon Crystal trailer is out now! Watch it on and YouTube. 
Here are some screen shots of the trailer. As well as a comparison photo of the original and the new animie! 
What do you think?