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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let's take a deeper look into Sailor Moon Crystal!

After the new trailer came out today it's time to take a look at the similarities and the differences! This trailer has shown us the way things will go in the new anime! 
Some might like it! 
Some may not! 
But let's jump in and see if we can find some extra clues that this trailer has shown! 
First we hear that the music might have changed! The trailer plays a song that is more of a song you hear in a video game. The original opening song does not seem it will be included in this anime version. 

To start let's look at Usagi herself! 
She has changed! Matured and her facial reactions have been taken down a notch.. It does not seem like we will have a comical over exaggerated reaction on her face of her falling, laughing, and so on... She now has a very mature look and reaction. A reaction that is more similar to real life expressions. Her room as well looks like it has changed up a bit! We get a fast glimpse of it in the trailer. This scene also looks like it is the first episode where Luna gives Usagi her transformation  compact brooch in which she transforms for the first time with a huge shock look o her face! 
Usagi as well has more of the manga look to her sailor scout outfit than from the old anime. 
Her brooch is the one from the manga not the original anime. Usagi and the rest of the girls have bodies of that from the manga version than the original anime. Skinner and with long limbs. 
The sailor scout outfits have changed as well a bit... 
Sailor mercury has no sleeves, sailor Venus has a belt which are also in the manga version as well. Sailor mars and sailor jupiter are  unchanged. 
The girls uniforms seem a bit different as well... Any has huge sweater like sleeves...other than that nothing else has changed in the version of this school uniforms. 
Last but never least... Let's look at LUNA! She is Unchanged as well! BUT she looks more black than purple (deeper toned)  like in the anime. Sailor moon still had her signature "in the name of the moon I'll punish you" pose and facial expression. 
Long flowing hair? 
Moon tiara ? 
Signature red bow? 
Ready for the new anime to begin? 

What we have not seen which is still a mystery... Is...
What does Tuxedo mask look like?
How about Artemis?
Will the cats change into humans at some point? 
Will all the wands be in the show? 
What will the old villains look like? 
Will the characters that were changed into women be men in the show (zoisite and fisheye) ? 
What will usagi's parents and brother look and act like? 
Will they show that sailor moon used a sword to be with tuxedo mask?
Will sailor V be shown and the story behind her? 
Will sailor Venus carry a sword and lead the scouts like it is in the manga? 
Will the outer scouts and sailor stars be as fantastic as they were in the original anime? 
Time will tell! 
Stay tuned moonies for more information to be revealed! 

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