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Monday, June 2, 2014

Moon Prism Sailor Moon Pullip Doll!

Whispers and gossip were said and FINALLY she is REAL! 
The collaboration between Pullip Dolls and Sailor Moon has happened! 
Get ready for action because the Sailor Moon Inspired Pullip Doll is here!
Pre-order her now!
Get her at 
cdjapan and

She comes with her Moon Crescent wand and a tiny plush Luna!
Check out the pictures below! 

as you can see is she bigger than the moon wand!
here is the tiny cute stuffed Luna! Some sites have orders where you do not need to buy her with Luna but WHO is Sailor Moon without her trusted guide friend!?

she also WINKS! 

Her back is detailed as well!

Accented with the first compact brooch Luna had given her ! 

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