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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tried out the NEW Tone Petal soft body wash!

The Tone brand is tried and true and I got to give it a chance to show me what it's made of! My conclusions about Petal Soft was that it was soft, smooth and contained that little bit of extra oil that the body needs. Worth it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Big Super Bowl Game day today! Who do you think will win?

We here at the Pink Frog have a huge fan base for the ...BRONCOS! But don't hate us! We love both teams and think both teams have already own for making it this far! 
So what if you are Not a football fan and must endure sitting through the game? Well we have a solution for you! Jump inTo our store and check out some of our great items up for sale! But if you want to do something more fpgame worthy... Turns out our fave player P. manning tends to yell out a certain word is a play.... This word "Omaha!" Is said a lot!  So why don't you make a game out of it! Drinking game .. Etc.. Not that we condone drinking of any sorts.. But have fun make the wait worth wild and may both teams okay fairly and most of all enjoy the big game everyone!

We have a secret can you keep it!? That's right dress like your Pretty Little Liars any time!

Areopostale has sent us the most juciy e-mail introducing the Pretty Little liars collection! Dress like your favorite Character anytime! We love the Red Hoodie that says "Who is A-?" Check out the collection online or in shop now!