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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Handmade at Amazon...the NEW "IN" place for handmade artists

Recently I was invited to apply for Handmade at Amazon. Everyone knows how Amazon is... a website that has EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING under the sun. If you want a pink pillow that looks like a zebra and can fold into something else... they have it. If you want a can of spam all the way from Hawaii ... you can get it. BUT NOW if you are looking for a handmade crochet scarf... YOU CAN Find it and buy it from an actual handmade artisan.

I did say I waited a bit before I jumped into it. I wanted to see what others thought of "Handmade" at Amazon. It is so far the leading marketplace to be in competition with Etsy.

The best part is that the monthly fee's are gone till December 2017. Which means the costly price of the monthly $39.99 is not an issue till again December 2017. You do still have seller fees IF your item sells which is the normal fees that one incurs on all websites and marketplaces.

Later on I will review the more specific areas that are the pro's and con's of Handmade At Amazon Vs. Etsy. Which I will say will be a very interesting read.

But for now.. I love it.

Check out my items I have up for now.. because more will be showing up soon in my PinkFrog4u Handmade At Amazon site.

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