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Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to hang a poster without damaging the walls! (Try it Thursday)

It is time for TRY IT THURSDAY! 

How to hang posters without damaging the walls!

I can definitely say I have left many holes and other types of marks on my walls since I was about 5 years old. 

I have a massive obsession to want to hang and decorate my room and I forget that a nail and a hammer is not always the right way to do it. 

Some walls do not hold nails due to what the walls are made of. I have tried to hang up photos and shadow boxes with nails and I end up having them fall out because my wall lacks the strength to really grip the nail and it falls off with a powder grit. I am sure many of you know what I am talking about. 

I have tried just about EVERYTHING! I have used masking tape, painters tape, that gum gray to blue color sticky puddy (which ruins the backs of posters :( and FINALLY I found exactly what works on ALL WALL TYPES! 

That is correct you heard me right ALL WALL TYPES! From wood, to stucco, THIS can hang up ANYTHING and best of all it lasts! What is it you may ask?

WELL its COMMANDS! Yup! Commands! Command strips are the bomb . com! But the best part is that Commands have so many varieties that it does not matter what you want to hang or how heavy it is, it will do the job! Commands can even be cut down too! 

I wanted to hang up my MEGA HUGE poster of Sailor Moon (of course) and I tired it all! I did not want to ruin it so I ended up getting Commands and I cut them down. Yup you can cut them down to size so they don't stick out like a sore thumb! But as bland as they look, we are not talking about how they look but how they WORK! 

I will show you what I mean below....

My photos may not be pretty (I did not have time to add some nifty filters) but I really wanted to show you how and what I used ...

This is the pack of Velcro Commands in white.  You get about 6 in a package. You take one Velcro and stick it to the back and another one you stick on your wall. 

It uses a "teeth" to interlock the Velcros together rather then the typical fuzzy background to the teeth background. 

 The down arrow is how you remove it from the wall but I learned that even if you cut them, you can still remove the Commands even without pulling that tab.
I used all of about 2 strips to cut into 4 to stick on the 4 corners of my poster and on my wall. 

Commands do come with hooks of all sizes and colors, Velcro in black or white, and they sell so so much more. If you have something to hang and want to change it up later or you don't want to damage the wall or your Commands, because they will not disappoint! 

And lastly I bought these myself and no one gave them to me, no samples, no nothing. They are my own and I have some left to hang up some other things which will I will show you in anther blog post soon to come! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Is Worth Avenue Worth it? (Scenic Sunday)

Is Worth Avenue Worth it? (Scenic Sunday) 

I can truly say I live in a very diverse, yet very historic state. When I think I have seen it all or know it all about my state, particularly my area, I am so so wrong. 

I decided to take a drive to one of the most historic places in my state and that is, and that place is called "Worth Avenue" in the city of Palm Beach Florida. 

Worth ave as us locals call it know that area as the "Elites's playground" but I myself know it as one of the most historic islands in Florida. 

I love art, and most of all I love old art and when it comes to historic art, Worth ave. is WORTH it!

No longer is this city just for the "elite/high class" snobs as some may say, it is now a place where locals meet vacationers, where the winter birds land and the little kids from all over the state come to play in the sand. 

One of the best things to do at Palm Beach is to window shop as well as visit the beach. You can spend the whole day walking up and down and into little nook areas hidden between buildings to find more shops and restaurants booming with people sitting enjoying their day. 

You no  longer need to bust out your Sunday's finest clothes, or wear your Chanel bag, or even have one to walk around and shop at the high class shops on Worth Ave. Anyone and everyone is welcomed. 

You can drive by, or walk and explore the mini parks scattered throughout and do not worry about your little dog! If you chose to take your little fur baby with you, they have special areas around to offer water for them. Let's just say the water fountains for the dogs are just as historic as the area they are in. 

So much more to explore that it takes more than one day to explore all the hidden gems on this island.

Take a look below at some of the areas on Worth Ave. where I happily jumped on over to take photos and "act like a tourist" rather then a local. 

this is a close up of the little sun that was next to me on the wall (above photo on the right) at the toy shop, it was so small but so beautiful and historic. 

bling-ed out bracelets and cuffs of nature and the ocean animals.

children's clothes all over the place. Delicate yet classy and very Palm Beach-y

one of the nook areas down between two shops on Worth Ave. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. EVERY turn had a new area to explore and walk through. 

Another amazing door hanger. 

I wish I could say that we bent the window but it was AMAZZIINNGGLLYY done that way! It was magical! 

Sometimes Worth Ave. is empty, and for me that is the best time I can run up and down and take photos. The somber speaks whispers of history. 

Even the art galleries were breath taking. 

from the road street you can see another tunnel to walk through. 

Tiffany's Time Watcher over the shop. 

Look at the stairs literally floating in the air. 

yes you can even walk by a gallery with a modern twist but please close those little kiddy eyes when walking by!

Sometimes they make you put your dog outside, but sometimes, not in all places. 

the carved bottom of these lamps at the antiques shop was beautiful. 

behind the gates is beauty. 

Is Worth Avenue Worth it? YES I THINK SO! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

What is Amigurumi?

What is Amigurumi? As a person who has crocheted for over 10 years (I know right! Such a crazy long time) I learned so much and I am still learning so much more about the crochet and knit world. When you think you knew it all, you end up finding something even more to love about fiber arts. 

 When I first learned Amigurumi was I was amazed and fascinated to know more about it. I came across it at a local craft show about 8 years ago but I did not really know what it was called, I just knew that it was making dolls out of yarn. I did not really think much about it until I started to see more shops selling them and calling them "Amigrumi" which I thought was just a name they made up.

What is Amigurumi you may ask! Many have seen this word, many have even bought items that are Amigurumi and didn't even know it!

Amigurumi first is defined as a cute stuffed doll that is knitted or crocheted. It is popular and originated in Japan and has taken over the handmade world. Japanese items has risen to an all time high in the handmade world and the most searched for items are Amigurumi items.

To break down the word, Amigurumi ... ami means knitted or crochet and nuigurumi means stuffed doll in Japanese.

Amigurumi has taken many forms beyond just dolls, such as crochet or knitted food (Pies, candies, cake slices etc..., home objects (tea pots, pencils, pots and pans,  etc...) to emotions/emojis (hearts, happy faces, etc...) the list can go on from what can be made.

Majority of Amigurumi items being sold and made are that of stuffed characters. One can find a stuffed Mario or even a cute crocheted Pikachu from Pokémon.

But I also learned that not everything super cute is super safe! I know, I know not everything is "SAFE" but when you have children you just tend to buy a doll because it is cute and not check it out first to know how sturdy, and how well it was made. 

I bring this up becuase in the fiber arts, we make things out of a strong of yarn, and we make these items with certain "tension" and by tension I mean how hard we hold the strong being stitched together to close and make this fabric of crochet and knitt goods. If the tension is not strong certain embellishments and eyes that Amigurumi  tends to have may come out, fall off and be harmful to your child. Another thing is that the stitches can come undone if they are not knotted and glued to ensure they are closed. Many Amigurumi get washed which loosens things up as well. 

One must take caution though because even though these are stuffed cute items they are not made, nor manufactured with regulations. Many dolls have safety eyes but can still come out or get broken. Some dolls even have embellishments that can fall off and be swallowed. 

Also since these items are handmade and sewn together the smallest tips of needles can break off during any type of sewing and can not be seen by the eye. It can be felt when squishing the doll. Please take caution when giving an Amigurumi made item to younger children and always have adult supervision when your child plays with them. As cute and tempting they seem, they can be just as harmful.

Please take in consideration that Amigurumi dolls should not be for new borns, toddlers and children that chew and stick objects in their mouths.