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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Is Worth Avenue Worth it? (Scenic Sunday)

Is Worth Avenue Worth it? (Scenic Sunday) 

I can truly say I live in a very diverse, yet very historic state. When I think I have seen it all or know it all about my state, particularly my area, I am so so wrong. 

I decided to take a drive to one of the most historic places in my state and that is, and that place is called "Worth Avenue" in the city of Palm Beach Florida. 

Worth ave as us locals call it know that area as the "Elites's playground" but I myself know it as one of the most historic islands in Florida. 

I love art, and most of all I love old art and when it comes to historic art, Worth ave. is WORTH it!

No longer is this city just for the "elite/high class" snobs as some may say, it is now a place where locals meet vacationers, where the winter birds land and the little kids from all over the state come to play in the sand. 

One of the best things to do at Palm Beach is to window shop as well as visit the beach. You can spend the whole day walking up and down and into little nook areas hidden between buildings to find more shops and restaurants booming with people sitting enjoying their day. 

You no  longer need to bust out your Sunday's finest clothes, or wear your Chanel bag, or even have one to walk around and shop at the high class shops on Worth Ave. Anyone and everyone is welcomed. 

You can drive by, or walk and explore the mini parks scattered throughout and do not worry about your little dog! If you chose to take your little fur baby with you, they have special areas around to offer water for them. Let's just say the water fountains for the dogs are just as historic as the area they are in. 

So much more to explore that it takes more than one day to explore all the hidden gems on this island.

Take a look below at some of the areas on Worth Ave. where I happily jumped on over to take photos and "act like a tourist" rather then a local. 

this is a close up of the little sun that was next to me on the wall (above photo on the right) at the toy shop, it was so small but so beautiful and historic. 

bling-ed out bracelets and cuffs of nature and the ocean animals.

children's clothes all over the place. Delicate yet classy and very Palm Beach-y

one of the nook areas down between two shops on Worth Ave. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. EVERY turn had a new area to explore and walk through. 

Another amazing door hanger. 

I wish I could say that we bent the window but it was AMAZZIINNGGLLYY done that way! It was magical! 

Sometimes Worth Ave. is empty, and for me that is the best time I can run up and down and take photos. The somber speaks whispers of history. 

Even the art galleries were breath taking. 

from the road street you can see another tunnel to walk through. 

Tiffany's Time Watcher over the shop. 

Look at the stairs literally floating in the air. 

yes you can even walk by a gallery with a modern twist but please close those little kiddy eyes when walking by!

Sometimes they make you put your dog outside, but sometimes, not in all places. 

the carved bottom of these lamps at the antiques shop was beautiful. 

behind the gates is beauty. 

Is Worth Avenue Worth it? YES I THINK SO! 

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