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Thursday, March 30, 2017

GoFund me, Dreams and Wishes coming true.

To show how amazing people are in this world, I recently started a GoFund me account for a family in need. This was not my first one, I have done one before but this one was truly heart breaking... 

"Our local Family of Syrian immigrants whose children attend our local elementary school are in need of an adult bike for the father. He needs it for work, and for picking up items around town for his family. He is in need of a new hip replacement (which he is unable to have due to no income and the need to take care of his family first) he is putting pressure on his hip every time he walk causing him pain and days unable to get out of bed. He is forced to walk miles up and down the busy and very dangerous road to attend to the needs of his family which consist of three children of the ages 2, 4 and 6 years old. The youngest child has serious medical issues which are kidney dysfunction, and cannot do long term walking, standing along with physical deformities, yet despite all that they still are able to smile. Please help this family by contributing as much as you can give so that we can raise enough money to purchase a bike for the father along with a chain and lock. Thank you and please share this despite need with your family and friends."

As of today March 28, 2017 I am happy to say God is good and blesses those in need with Angels! We have raised the exact amount needed for a bike and a good lock and chain. I can not be more grateful and thankful to those who spread the word and helped. If we can not change who our president is...we can change others lives who need it with HELP! 

Thanks to all! 

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