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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sailor Moon Vintage Un-official kitchen Tea set! Sailor Moon Vintage 90s Item! It's Sailor Moon Sunday LETS GET STARTED!

Sailor Moon Vintage Un-official kitchen set!
What better way to play house than with an un-official Sailor Moon kitchen set!!!
That is right lets get cooking!
This set is un-official but it does not lack in pictures of the scouts all over it! Making this item great is the details and the graphics!

With a blue fork, plate, and cup, a yellow spoon, plate and cup and a red knife, plate and cup this set is complete to play with and have all your cool guys and gals over for some imaginary food! Did you also notice that it is in the colors of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars! But where is Sailor Jupiter? Oh well. I picked this awesome toy up at a dollar store which to tell you the truth has the most absolutly fabulous un-official and sometimes official sailor moon items! It is my most favorite place to hunt for sailor moon stuff! Looking at the details did you notice what is missing on Usagi/Serena ? You guessed it her most famous Odangos/ meat balls on her head! But that is no big deal because it is un-official, less than five dollars and is still fabulous Sailor Moon find!

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