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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Wonder Woman Movie is WOMAN-TASTIC!

The Wonder Woman Movie is WOMAN-TASTIC!

Can you imagine so much girl power in one setting to make you feel empowered? Well that is what the NEW Wonder Woman movie is all about. Girl power at its best, and the amount of feminism is enough to make you want to dress like Wonder Woman.

I will not give out any spoilers but if you are looking for a movie to motivate all sexes and races than this is the movie for you. Wonder Woman is not new to many, she is a house hold name in many homes and those who read comics are die hard fans.

But what makes Wonder Woman WONDERFUL? The answer to that is different to everyone but the common thing that many can agree to is that she is a motivation to who ever watches her or even reads about her. She is a female and a super human female at that. She stands for justice, she protects those around her, she doesn't take anything but the truth and she does it with flowing, long, powerful locks of black hair.

Wonder Woman is not new in a sense that she has been around since 1941. Is she old? Sure she is. But is she still the same Wonder Woman as she once was? No. And that is only because she got better over time like a fine bottle of wine.

Lynda Carter took on the role of Wonder Woman and rocked out on Television over many years with the series still running on the channel MeTV (check your local listings for times and dates but if you live on the East Coast it comes on EVERY Sunday at 8:00pm). Lynda Carter turned heads and herself (to change in to Wonder Woman that is) when she made her Television debut as Wonder Woman in the 70's! In 1975 Lynda Carter took views into the world of Wonder Woman and the many challenges she faced as the world faced them as well. Setting the bar high the Wonder Woman movie had indeed that bar to break!

Today's Wonder Woman is stronger, more independent, and can take on Superman and Batman both at the same time and not break a sweat. I will not give away anymore but if you have not seen it yet.. you MUST GO! YOU MUST FLY! YOU MUST SEE WONDER WOMAN!

Get ready to gear up in August 20017 when the NEXT Super Heros movie drops with ...yup you guessed it WONDER WOMAN in it!

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